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Online Bingo is an Online Casino Game?

BingoWhen someone mentions online casino games, games such as online poker or online roulette spring to mind but never online bingo. What some people are unaware of is that online bingo is actually also available at some online casinos. Just because online casinos do not revolve around bingo or advertise it as much, you can still enjoy the game at a casino. What makes bingo a great casino game is the ability of new players to pick the game up quickly.

Bingo has been around for centuries and you can trace bingo’s roots back to the 16th century and Lotto D’Italia. Did you know that bingo is a member of the lotto family? From day one bingo has been popular amongst people and nothing will change that.

Popular Game

What makes bingo so popular is how easy the game is to pick up. Unlike other forms of online casino gambling such a poker, bingo does not have any complicated rules that players must learn before getting into the game. To be able to play all you need to do is mark off numbers on cards as they are called, you then yell “BINGO” if you make a certain pattern. Bingo is a game of random probability and players cannot predict numbers or who will win.

You cannot just walk into a casino and start playing poker, well…you can, but you will lose. The reason for this is, if you have not memorized what hands (card patterns) beat others, or you are not able to bluff or tell if someone is bluffing then you are going to struggle. With bingo, just as long as you are able to look at a sheet of numbers and say if a number is on the sheet or not is the only ability you need, that and of course the ability to listen.

Give Bingo a Try

Bingo will never take over casinos as professional gamblers like a little more strategy in their gambling, they want to play gambling games that not everyone can pick up and that takes years of practice. Games such as roulette is like bingo in the sense of the game is mainly based on random probability, and people who like roulette would find the transition between roulette and bingo very pleasing.

The major downfall with bingo compared to other gambling casino games is the prizes, don’t get me wrong, bingo can have huge jackpots and progressive jackpots but the amount you could win per game is usually much less compared to other casino games, unless there are loads of players playing the same game simultaneously.

Next time you are in a casino or you play on an online casino, why not see if they offer bingo? You never know, you may love how simple the game is and you may fall in love with it.

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