Bet365 Ceases Operations In Philippines

Bet365, a renowned UK-based online gaming provider has announced that it has ceased its operations in the Philippines.

All players in Philippine were notified on the 19th of February that with effect from the 25th of February, all accounts will be closed.  Bet365 did not disclose much information regarding the closure.

Upon following a review at Bet365, they decided to close all doors to customers in the Philippines and they informed the players that they may resume to offer services in the country but it is not certain. They further mentioned that all players will be informed regarding the updates taking place if Bet365 is to resume offering online gambling services to the Filipinos.

However, it also added that all players who were facing problems with withdrawals before the accounts were closed will all be refunded and they should contact Bet365’s customer service to assist them with the withdrawals.

Bet365 guaranteed that all players in Philippines will be refunded and this includes those who have had their accounts suspended and further mentioned that no matter the status of the said account, all Philippines will get to cashout their funds. If you are a player from Philippines, all you have to do is contact Bet365′s customer service to assist you with the withdrawal.

However, online gambling has remained dark and gloomy for the Filipinos since the pullout of Bet365 leaves the bettors looking only at one online gambling provider in the country – MegaSportsWorld.

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