Bodog Launches New Live Dealer Blackjack

Bodog, one of the leading internet operators and developers, has launched a new Live Dealer Blackjack game, Zone 21, which the company claims will be a game changer in the industry.

According to Bodog, the problem with live dealer versions of blackjack in the past has been the fact that the company was only able to offer the game to a limited number of players.

Bodog issued a statement in which it claimed that purists will not like the new version of Live Dealer Blackjack but added that they did not like anonymous poker either.

Bill Hu, Bodog’s Casino Product Director and the creator of the new Blackjack Zone 21 game, explained that according to their research it is suggested that online Blackjack players get more frustrated by not being in a position to play at all than by the “purity” of the game itself. He added that to them, Zone 21 is the closest that they can make the product while allowing everyone and not just a select few, to play. Hu added that early figures are extremely encouraging and that the product is a fantastic addition to Zone Baccarat, which is currently their most popular Live Dealer game.

Bodog developed Zone 21 due to the fact that a high speed version of the popular Asian casino game, Zone Baccarat’s Live Dealer versions, which it launched in April, can only service a small amount of players at one time.

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