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Online Bingo is an Online Casino Game?

When someone mentions online casino games, games such as online poker or online roulette spring to mind but never online bingo. What some people are unaware of is that online bingo is actually also available at some online casinos. Just because online casinos do not revolve around bingo or advertise it as much, you can [...] → Continue Reading Online Bingo is an Online Casino Game?

Midas Millions

Midas Millions New Slot Game

Midas Millions is a brand new 5-reel video game, from Virgin Casino, with reels in a honeycomb structure. The game does not have any win lines but instead pays out based on groups of random symbols being that spin next to each other. This amounts to large variety possible wins (over 100,000 possible ways to [...] → Continue Reading Midas Millions New Slot Game

Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-Hand Online Blackjack

This version of multi-hand online blackjack is powered by Playtech and offers players a realistic version of the game. The standard rules of Blackjack are followed in this game where the pack consists of six decks of playing cards, the dealer must draw to sixteen and stand on all seventeens. Play up to five simultaneous [...] → Continue Reading Multi-Hand Online Blackjack