Mr. Green Online Casino Reports Excellent Growth

Leading Swedish e-gambling group, Mr. Green Online Casino, recently posted very impressive numbers for the first quarter of 2014 which shows considerable growth in terms of revenues as well as into new markets.

Total revenue for the online casino group showed an increase of 42 per cent compared to the same time period of first quarter of 2013, up to SEK 154.6 million (£14 million), while earnings showed an increase of 50.7 per cent to SEK 37 million year on year.

Mr. Green Online Casino currently has 72,503 active registered customers – up from 68,611 in 2013.

Mr. Green Online Casino will, therefore, be paying out a dividend of SEK 1.30 a share of SEK 46.6 million in all.

The most meaningful part of Mr. Green Online Casino’s report was the success that the company has experienced with its international growth plan.

The majority of Mr. Green’s business (54.5 per cent) is derived from its native Nordic region while the rest of its business (45.1 per cent) comes from players in other parts of Europe.

Michael Pawlo, the Chief Executive Officer of Mr. Green, stated that they are becoming increasingly international and that there is a decrease in dependence on individual markets. Pawlo added that this has led to them having higher quality in the player base which is distinctly reflected in earnings.

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