New Executive Joins Mr Green Casino

The new chief executive officer of Mr Green Casino, Bo Wanghammar is keen to use his many years experience in the industry to build the popular online gambling brand. Speaking to the media this week, Bo Wanghammar said that he was attracted to the brand and the people behind the casino, which made it easier for him to accept the invitation to head one of the most innovative gaming sites around.

“The people who started the company have a track record of doing great stuff, and also the brand stood out,” he said.

Bo Wanghammar is no stranger to the world of online gambling, having worked at Bwin before the group merged with Party Gaming. However, in 2010 he left the industry and moved on to other spheres. Now he is back to the world of online gambling and is excited to be part of this industry once more.

“We are primarily a product company, and tying back to the casual gamer and the idea of casino as a form of entertainment,” he said. “I think that if you are going to be here for the long run you need to have a customer who will be happy to come back again and again.”

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