Share the Winnings at Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino has thousands of dollars worth of jackpots and community prizes up for grabs, and the site is now offering even more ways for players to share the rewards through its Community Jackpot promotion. In a nutshell, when one player hits the jackpot, more than just the winner takes home the prize! Other players will also receive rewards simply because they played within the last hour at Virgin Casino. Players get to share in the community jackpot prize even if they are not online at the time of the win!

To get a piece of the Community Jackpot, play any game at Virgin Casino for real money. Watch out for a special key above the bar of the game. Players click the key and see if they have struck it rich! Once a jackpot is unlocked, other players can win a share of the community prizes if they have bet in the last hour. Community jackpot sizes range from $500 – $10,000, and the more players wager in the last hour, the higher their prize. “The best part about these jackpots is that you don’t even have to find a lucky key to be a winner!” says Virgin Casino.

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